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A Unique Massive Log

Thickness 220mm
Varying height of beam on a same wall between 220 and 300 mm


Our speciality
A natural and alive surface with the traditional hand-craft touch

This is also the speciality of

Sapwood panel AIHKI
Log Home Finland


PUUMALA - 333 m TERVOLA - 156 m


VAARAN AIHKITALOT, located in Tervola, Finnish Lapland, just near the Arctic Circle, is a manufacturer of log houses.

Three generations of the family have expertise of working in the woodwork industry and have been producing quality log houses for more than twenty-five years for customers world-wide.


For manufacturing our homes, we use the best pine from Lapland which has thin condensed rings and is slow-growing, these pine are called "AIHKI”. The extreme environment in which the "AIHKI" pine grows, make it a precious Finnish wood undergoing very little distortion due to moisture. The "AIHKI" log pine is also a healthy and extremely weatherproof material. 

All our wood comes from Eco-certified forests of northern Finland (PEFC).


The tree trunks used for manufacturing our substantial logs are between 150 and 300 years old, with a thickness of 220 mm and height of between 220 and 300 mm offering a natural and alive surface with the traditional hand-craft touch.


This is our speciality : an alive surface

a varying height of beam on a same wall
between 220 and 300 mm

A Unique Beam
25 years of experience
Top quality wood "Aihki"
Trunks between 150 and 300 years old
Varying height of beam

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Few models

TERVOLA - 156 m  PUUMALA - 333 m  LEVI ASTERI - 94 m  JRVI - 104 m or 135 m

KARTANO - 288 m  VALKEALA - 110 m  NAANTALI - 247 m  KUOPIO - 139 m

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Restaurant " Le Tornet "
La Balme de Sillingy (74)

Restaurant " La Fabrique "
La Ravoire (73)
VAARAN AIHKITALOT has built the largest modern log building in Scandinavia

1200 m and 13 km of logs
Visitor Centre


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The lake of Inari - Surnuvuono - Vaaran Aihkitalot in the wilderness - Finnish Lapland

Eino Bogdanoff is taking care of the transport of building materials
34 km/trip, 50 round-trip, 1500-2000 kg/load, 700 L of petrol, 3000 km in total, 3 snowmobiles, -32 degrees !

We were in the fair of Jyvskyl.
Thanks to all our visitors !

in Lapland


Why our massive log is so special ? The answer here ...

We can produce a unique log home to your design specification or have a look and choose one of our models here ...

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